Aglaia Ntili

Μanaging Director , Sustainability Knowledge Group

Aglaia Ntili is a seasoned Sustainability professional, with 20 years of international advisory and training experience across a wide range of corporate Sustainability, ESG and CSR fields.

Aglaia serves as the Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group, providing Sustainability, ESG and CSR advisory and training services at international corporate level. In addition to her role at Sustainability Knowledge Group, she has founded several initiatives to promote Sustainability and ESG awareness. She is the founder of CSR Coaching, the co-founder of the UoL-Centre for ESG aiming to mainstream ESG topics, and the founder of the Sustainability Meetup Initiative, the 1st open platform to support active learning and knowledge sharing on Sustainability, ESG and CSR in the UAE and Cyprus

She is a course advisor at the Philanthropy University in the USA, a guest Sustainability lecturer at the University of Limassol, Cyprus and previously at Murdoch University, Dubai. Her Sustainability, ESG and CSR expertise has led her to participate in and lead diverse projects spanning across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA, covering multiple sectors and industries. Aglaia has received global recognition and awards for her contributions as a practitioner, trainer, coach and advisor in the field of Sustainability.