Manolis Manioudis

Economic Analyst, Institute of Commerce and Services (INEMY-ESEE)

Manolis Manioudis holds a PhD in Economics (University of Crete Department of Economics) and lives in Athens, where he works as an economic analyst at the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE). As an economic analyst of ESEE, he is the author of several reports and working papers on the Greek economy, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and regional economic development. He has been an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Economics of the University of Crete (2017-2020), the Department of Economics of the International Hellenic University (2020-2022) and the Department of Economics of the University of Patras (2022-2023). He is an adjunct lecturer at the Neapolis University Pafos. His research has been published in distinguished international academic journals, including New Political Economy, the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, History of Political Economy, Journal of the Knowledge Economy, Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the European Journal of the History of Economic Thought.