Leone Lubrano

Solutions Engineer, IBM | Tech Enthusiast

ESG Excellence: IBM’s Path to Sustainable Solutions and Global Impact

Discover IBM’s holistic approach to ESG strategy and solutions that are helping clients across the world turn sustainability ambition into action. Learn about IBM’s three tier approach, and then deep-dive into a leading carbon accounting and ESG tool that is preparing clients for Europe’s rigorous reporting requirements.

Leo has been with IBM for the past four years specialising inESG and sustainability, supply chain andcloudsolutions to help clients address today’s pressing regulatory challenges while meeting the needs of the modern consumer.

With a background in Business Management and Finance from King’s College London, he is a anIBM Sustainability Software – Supply Chain Technical Specialistfor Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

His goal is to provide a holistic view of the benefits of technology to help large and small businesses leverage powerful tools to digitise, modernise and differentiate their business operations.

In addition, he is trained in supply chain visibility solutions (including concepts such as Control Tower and asset traceability with emerging technologies such as Blockchain), as well as being a specialist in IBM’s carbon management and accounting solutions and IBM Client Engineering’s Agile Design Thinking methodology. 

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