Costas Nodaras

Managing Director, OneTeamΚωστας-Νοδάρας.png

He is a graduate of the University of Athens and holds an MBA from Kingston University. Having completed a successful career for more than 9 years in a multinational bancassurance group. He also worked as a professional coach for a short period in higher education and had the opportunity to contribute to the training of executives of large Greek and multinational companies as a partner in a large consulting company in education.

Since January 2005 he has been Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Directors of OneTeam, contributing to the development and transformation of the company. He has extensive experience in strategic planning and implementation of Integrated Programs of Communication and Corporate Affairs, with emphasis on the development of Corporate Relations with governmental and social actors, local authorities, media, and well-known personalities.

He has guided and contributed to the realization of dozens of projects of varying scale on behalf of branded customers of the company, such as DEPA, SAMSUNG Electronics, COCA-COLA THREE EPSILON, OTE-COSMOTE, OLYMPIA DEVELOPMENT, NOVARTIS, MICROSOFT, FRIESLANDCAMPINA, MARS, ELECTOR, ELLAKTOR AKKTOR, CYTA, KOT, etc.

He is a founding member of the Citizen’s Observatory for Sustainable Development (CISD) as well as of the Non-profit Association ‘Anelixi’, and since 2010 he has contributed as a Development Manager of the Mathitiada.